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Recording - Mixing - Mastering - Production Studio Cardiff
The small Project Studio with the Big Sound


STUDIO 10 MUSIC is the Digital Project Recording Studio in Cardiff with the Big Sound.

Run by Engineer and Producer Mike Lowe in Cardiff, UK, Studio 10 can get you that "Big Studio Sound" and provides the following pro-quality audio services.


  • Solo artists/singer songwriter recording
  • Voice overs / Blogs
  • Recording Studio Experiences - sing over quality backing tracks
  • Record totally in-house using virtual drums and amp sims


  • Specialising in Rock/Metal but happy with any genre
  • Full ITB (In the box) mixing with unlimited tracks
  • Audio editing/comping and timing adjustment
  • Modern techniques such as side-chain/parallel/multiband compression, automated EQ, auto-tune, sample replacement and tempo matching
  • Tuned mixing space for accurate frequency reproduction
  • Re-Mixing of existing demos/recordings, including old cassette tape. Get extra volume & punch.
  • Audio restoration - improve quality and reduce noise.


  • Quality monitoring from Eve Audio
  • Tuned room plus Sonarworks Correction System for accurate sound-stage
  • Excellent choice of high-end mastering plug-ins including FabFilter and Acustica Audio
  • Each song receives its own compression, EQ and limiting settings
  • I won't squash your dynamics...unless you want me to!
  • During the mastering session, I treat the songs as if they were my own, which gets the best results.
  • Mastering for CD or Digital Distribution


  • Supportive and encouraging personality to help you get the very best out of your songs and performance.
  • As an experienced musician, Mike can help restructure your songs and improve the arrangment.
  • Less is more. Just because we have unlimited tracks doesn't mean we have to use them.
  • Good selection of virtual instruments and production tools
  • Mike treats each project as a personal involvement. "I care for your product and want to achieve the very best results."

 About Mike

Mike Lowe Studio 10 Music Recording Studio Cardiff

Writing and recording your own music is a deeply personal statement. I want to inspire and encourage you to get the very best results. When working on any project I treat the material as if I'm in your band, where my passion for sound, music and production comes to life.

My obsession with sound began with a Waltham tape recorder and microphone way back in the early 1980's. Being able to record the Top 40 hits off the radio had me sold!

Moving on to the guitar in my late teens, I was onstage at the world famous 'Marquee Club' by the time I was 22 with the glam punk band 'RAGDOLLS'. Several bands followed but it was becoming clear that I wasn't going to make a living playing guitar.

Deciding to pursue a career in I.T., I continued my love of sound recording by building a small setup at home, starting out with the ubiqutous 4-Track Tascam cassette recorder and a few microphones.

Fast forward to the last few years, I've built the custom project studio facility I've always wanted in an out building at home.

Building on a 'Masterclass in Recording' at renowned recording studio Rockfield (Queen, Rush, Oasis, Kasabian etc.) in Monmouth South Wales, I've spent the last few years devouring as much information as possible about modern audio mixing, sharpening and honing my mixing skills by completing projects for friends' bands. Initially specialising in rock & metal, I'm looking for a wider range of genres going forward, as this reflects my musical taste. During this time I've completed a full 12 track album with RAGDOLLS.

RAGDOLLS Old Habits Die Hard Marquee Club

Mike with RAGDOLLS at The Marquee Club, London, 1991.

Rockfield Music Studio Monmouth

Rockfield Masterclass, pictured here with owner Kingsley Ward.
The course was run by renowned producer
Matt Butler.

"Depending on the quality of the source material, I can get you a big studio sound without the big studio budget! Get in touch."


Studio 10 is an acoustically treated mixing space that has been designed to provide an accurate sound-stage for digital music production.

Here's a link to the dimensions of Studio 10 as we're a small but "cozy" space.

Studio 10 Music. Recording - Mixing - Production - Mastering Cardiff
Mix Position Optimal mix position, with acoustic treatment to absorb reflections, flutter echo and tame bass response.
Studio 10 Music. Recording - Mixing - Production - Mastering Cardiff
Deep in the Mix My favourite place to be!
Studio 10 Music. Recording - Mixing - Production - Mastering Cardiff
Songwriting & Production As an experienced musician, Mike has a good ear for arrangments and production ideas.
Studio 10 Music. Recording - Mixing - Production - Mastering Cardiff
Featured in Music Tech Magazine Studio 10 has been featured a few times in Music Tech Magazine.
Mike's method for great digital mixes is the application of small amounts of saturation during the mixing and mastering process.
How We Work

Our Process

Here is an overview of how we approach a typical recording project.


  • Client conversation - understand 100% what you want to achieve
  • Assess your studio/recording experience - are you ready to record and fully rehearsed?
  • Agree Price
  • Agree reference mixes (the type of sound you want)


  • Begin recording sessions
  • Review recorded material
  • Overdubs
  • Assemble the best takes
  • Final review
  • Mike can play guitar, bass and program drums/keys if required.

Production - Mixing - Mastering

  • Review song structures and instrumentation
  • Begin Track Edits
  • Begin mixing
  • Review mix with artist and make any revisions*
  • Mastering
  • Review master with artist and make any revisions*
    *Mix and Master revisions are not unlimited.

 End Result

  • Studio 10 can offer advice on how to digitally release your recordings online to all major platforms including Amazon, Spotify, YouTube, iTunes.

  • We also have experience of releasing music to CD and can assist you in all areas from packaging, graphic design and web design.

  • With regard to releasing your music on vinyl, we recommend The Exchange - Mike Marsh Mastering in Exmouth, Devon.

Our Work

Here are some selected examples of our work. Please also see the testimonials section.


Pricing - New lower prices for 2022!

The following prices are presented as a general guide. Prices can rise if substantial editing and correction is needed on 3rd party recordings.
For complex projects I am always open for a discussion on price and discounts.

Contact Us

Please tell us about your next project and we will let you know what we can do to help you.


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